Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Joy of an Ordinary Day

The boys are in soccer camp this week and given that it was 92 degrees today at 10:30 AM, they came home quite hot and tired. After refueling with Gatorade and a few moments in the AC, I hooked up the sprinkler and sent them all outside. Noah and Benjamin's favorite sprinkler game is to place it close enough to the swingset that it will hit them if they are swinging, resulting in soaking wet children and endless squeals of joy. I think it is almost as much fun to watch as it is to play!

A little while later, hoarse from screaming and soaked to the skin, we took out our huge bubble blower and chased bubbles for a good long while. I know that Noah will soon tire of such play, but for today, 11.5 is not too old to try your hand at catching a bubble in your own backyard.

Sometimes I forget that an ordinary day can hold more than enough joy to get us through. This summer, as we go from day to day, I want to remember that it is not about big experiences and not about expensive trips. Summer is about just this... family... time... sunshine... and the simple things that make us smile.

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