Thursday, October 9, 2008

And, on a lighter note....

Last weekend, in Grand Rapids, MI, Hearts at Home showcased the comedic talents of Sally Baucke. She opened with a video that hit home with a lot of the 1700 women who attended. Wanna see?

So, what about you? What happens in your car or minivan that you love? What things drive you CRAZY? : )

This is the last day to enter so be sure to leave your name and comment so that you can have a chance at winning a free Hearts at Home book! Tomorrow I will put all the entries in a hat and pick one of my kids to choose a winner. And after that? I will still be here and we will still chat so be sure to keep checking back!

Have a wonderful afternoon!


Anonymous said...

I love when my kids sing in the car. I especially love to hear their precious voices singing praise songs for God - it just makes me smile and my heart melt.

Other times, not praise-singing times, they fight and argue, and I can't stand that! That's when I get real crabby! Need to crank up the praise dvd's then! ;)

Thanks for the blog tour this week! Loved reading each one! Have a great weekend! Love ya!

Amy P
Mom to TJ(19), Amanda(7), & Joey(5)
(Sorry I'm anonymous - can't remember my google passoword!)

Lisa Marz said...

I love the conversations I can have with my boys when they are "captive" and actually have time to converse. Other times they are so obnoxious I wish I could just drop them off at the side of the road!

The Bille Family said...

I love hearing the kids sing. I also love when the kids want to talk about what's going on outside the van...where's everyone going, look at that cloud, look at those Halloween decorations, etc.

I hate when it gets too loud!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is only six months old, but she will sit in the back and "sing" along with me if I sing fun songs to her. I love to hear her sweet babbles!

totaljesusgirl said...

I love this video!! So many of our lives huh? Thansk for sharign it...My favorite things that happen in my mini van is the laughter, and the singing, my kids love to play this game consentration...and when the one is out they alllaugh it is the greatest thing.... What drives me absoultly crazy is that all the meals youeat inthe car and things you collect along the way never ever make it back out of the van?? Why is that?