Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blog Rewind: What Good Mommas Do

The Gift of Thursday and What Good Mommas Do
How I love Thursdays! I don't know what your week looks like, but for us, the beginning of each week is always extraordinarily busy! Between shuttling our littlest ones to and from preschool and helping to run our amazing MOMs Group, Monday through Wednesday rush by way too quickly. Oh, but Thursdays... Thursdays are the day we do not have to be anywhere or do anything or rush in any way at all. As the momma of four busy children, the pace of this day is like a heavenly retreat.

I read somewhere that good mommas get up, get dressed and put on their shoes, first thing every day. These mommas are always ready to run out the door and on to the next thing. Being dressed is supposed to get you ready for work and cleaning and accomplishing great things every day. Right now, it is after 10 AM and I am sitting here in my pajamas. I do not want to be a momma who is always ready to run out to the next big thing. I do not want to be a momma who is constantly seeking more work or greater accomplishment. No, I want to be a momma who takes a day, every week, to sit in her jammies with babies on her lap and read a book. I want to look into the sleepy faces of my relaxed little ones and laugh with great abandon. I want to be the momma who can crawl into bed with my children, and share a story or build a fort or play flash light games and not have to worry about my shoes catching on the sheets.

If good mommas have to be ready and dressed every single day, I will embrace being a bad momma and leave my shoes at the door. Today, will look at my children, straight in the face. I will tickle them and play with them and get very little done. For right now, I will let that be okay and remind myself that today is Thursday and it is a gift.


Julie Gill said...

I love your Thursday post Nadia. I totally agree with you! My Thursdays are my only slow day and I treasure them. I agree that we should leave our shoes right where we left them on Wednesday night and forget about putting them on unless an emergency arises that calls us out of the house. Or to get the mail. Even then I wear my crocs. Hmmm...are those classified as shoes? They're too comfy to be called shoes in my opinion. :) Have a blessed weekend!


andrew,betsy,& noura said...

I must be a bad momma then too, because most days I am in my pj's until Noura naps, and love every second of it!!
I love reading your blog, it reminds me to always take time to cherish my little one and not just let time fly!

a lemon said...

hello nadia, it's andi(sluder)lemon. i have enjoyed reading your blog and checking out your website. i really enjoyed your take on the "what good mammas do" article. i seem to find myself on the what not to do list when it comes to parenting...unless ofcourse, it's about abusing your children or letting them jump in the bath tub...then i might make the "ok" parenting skills list. thanks.

Sarah said...

I do my best work in sweat pants and flip flops....