Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Simple Shots of Simple Time

Part of our day was spent doing our ordinary things... like practicing violin.  Except we had time to wrestle with the hard parts, time to set it down and come back to it, time to perfect the pieces that have been so hard.

And we had time to enjoy the things we love... how Josiah LOVES his apples... while we watched some TV or read a book.  No hurry.  No worry.  Just time for simple things...

And how amazing is it when your big brother, usually so busy with high school, has time to take you in the back yard for a soccer game with your dog?   Pretty amazing until the dog keeps taking the ball....

So nice to have bones in the house to distract said dog... helping her to forget about the ball and focus on more important things...

Now, that's a good bone!  Lexie does not even notice all the soccer fun so close to her!  And look at my girlie's face!  Loves her brother, she does.

When do not have to rush... do not have to hurry... we have time to notice what is happening around us.  We have time to see the beauty in our yard in the midst of this gorgeous spring.

We have time to see the reds and the oranges... the green at the end of a season of brown.  It is not sand and surf but it is beauty.

Sometimes the simplicity of surplus time is a gift all in itself.  If we notice.  If we see.

Wonder what today will bring?

Blessings on your day.

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