Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Details, Details!

I am eagerly working on organizing another speaking season!  Empowering and encouraging parents to embrace their work in their families is my passion and I simply love what I do.  Planning a retreat?  A MOPs morning?  A local mom's group?  A special tea?  A big event?  It is never too soon to be in contact!

Here are some things you should know:

-Did you know that I am available to speak anywhere and everywhere?  I have even had groups from one area plan together to control travel fees!   Contact me and let's see how we can make this work!  

-Did you know that my Sticks! topic and my Christmas topic are my most popular talks?  The dates in November and December book quickly.  Sticks! can work anytime though is often booked in September and October to assist in organizing a new school year, or in January when implementing new goals and plans for our families.  Check out my topics on my website today!  

-Did you know that I also speak to school organizations to help parents support their kids as they work their way through school.  PTAs and other parent education groups have had me speak on Sticks!, on Education as a Way of Life and on Time to Play Outside.  I also speak frequently on How to Raise a Reader!  As a former teacher, I love these talks and am eager to continue this important work!  

-Did you know that you can peruse my blog and my articles at FamilyFire to get a feel for the spirit of my talks?  This is a great way to share my work with others from a planning committee as you get ready to book your speakers for this year!  I am also on Facebook, on Twitter and on Klout.  I am on google+ too, but never, ever use it because it doesn't click for me.  :)  

-Did you know that you can "like" a blog post to Facebook or Twitter by simply clicking on the links below?  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  I love when you do this because it helps get my work out to people I don't already know.  So click away, friends!  

Yep, this is a bunch of details but I wanted to pass them on.  This is a great time for booking speakers and I would love to hear from you!  

Blessings on your day!  

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Cool info! Great site!