Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hearts at Home

Two weeks ago, I had the extraordinary opportunity to speak at Hearts at Home. If you have not heard about Hearts at Home, I encourage you to check out their site at: www.Hearts-at-Home.org. I have known for nearly a year that I would be speaking at the National Conference and have been excited to partner with an organization that I deeply respect. The conference went well and I had a total blast. : ) A couple of thoughts on the whole thing…

-First, there is something amazing about working with women of vision and passion. I cannot even begin to tell you all about the incredible women I met during the two days of the National Conference. There was a kindness, an enthusiasm, a camaraderie that made the conference more than I could have hoped it would be. I was blessed by the wisdom and experiences of the other speakers and encouraged by the journeys that brought each of them to this place.

-Secondly, there is something deeply moving about seeing some 5,000 other mommas all show up in one place, driven by their deep desire to do their best for their babies. I am humbled by the women who came to me to share a bit of their story during Hearts at Home. I am just really touched to know that I do not walk through this parenting alone… but am instead joined by THOUSANDS of women, just like me, who question and seek and worry and pray and do all of this with their heads full of children.

-Thirdly, I was reminded about the importance of friendship. I will forever be grateful for my dear friends who dreamed with me, listened to me and encouraged me throughout the whole Hearts at Home experience. How awesome it was to have friends attending the conference with me! As I think through the weekend, I am overwhelmed by their kind words and understanding presence and I am really thankful.

-Lastly and most importantly, I am grateful to a God who knows that tears and laughter both have a place in our life… To a God who knows us intimately and has in His gracious hands the path we must follow to do what we must do. I felt His presence in rooms filled with hundreds of women and in conversations one on one. I felt His presence in the planning for the weekend and in the living it out. I felt His presence and heard His words in the voices of speakers and attendees and volunteers and it was GOOD.

Hearts at Home is an amazing organization and I am blessed to be working with them this year. If you missed this conference, the Fall holds two more, one in Grand Rapids, MI and one in Rochester, MN. I will be there and hope to see you too!

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