Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Passion Week Calendars

I wanted to provide a quick update for those of you who ordered Passion Week Calendars while attending the Hearts at Home National Conference. As you know, our entire Passion Week Calendar inventory sold out quickly at Hearts at Home. We could never have guessed that there would be such a high interest level for this item but I am thrilled that there was!

Immediately upon returning from Hearts at Home, we began reproducing the calendar and hope that we can begin mailing soon. The calendars are not yet complete but each person who ordered one during the conference will be getting them as soon as we can get them completed. We have not forgotten and are still hard at work!

Also, please know that I will be creating a similar product for use during Advent. This item will be available at both Fall Hearts at Home conferences and through my website. I will post about it when it is available so if you are interested in something like this, please be sure you are on my RSS feed so you will get the news!

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