Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook--September 7, 2010

If you blog, you can do this, too. C'mon, you can do it! Join in the fun!

Outside my window... the yard is totally taken care of... This weekend, we added mulch, weeded areas desperately in need, cleaned gutters, trimmed bushes... It all looks so nice.

I am thinking... about a talk I am giving on Friday. I have some work to do yet to get ready but am grateful for another opportunity to speak. I love, love, love this work...

I am thankful for... for a bit of quiet. I love having time in the day to catch my breath and prepare for the busy evening spent with my four children. Noah and Benjamin also have their first soccer game tonight and I am still just so grateful that Noah can play, even with the broken arm.

From the kitchen... Tonight, I am making soup in the crock pot. When we come home from soccer, it will be ready and waiting for us and the house will smell wonderful. :) I am planning on baking some fresh bread to go with it, too.

I am wearing... faded jeans and a long sleeve black t-shirt... Love that it is cool enough to wear long pants!

I am creating... My next talk for Friday... and a menu for the week. I just found a new recipe for homemade mac and cheese that includes a bit of bacon... comfort food! This is the week to try it out!

I am dreaming... about finding a few more speaking engagements for early fall and for spring. My late fall and winter dates (especially around the holidays) are very full! I am so excited about that and cannot wait to really get going. If you know someone looking for a speaker to talk about parenting topics, send them my way!

I am going...to get mums today for the front porch. This part of fall is so wonderful to me... though I am not a fan of the bare trees that are only about 6 weeks away!

I am reading...Radical, in an online group. Have you read it? I am excited about it. Still working on Crazy Love, too. Excited to process through both of these challenging books.

I am hoping... for a book contract. Holy cow, that feels awfully forward... but now that I have share my book with publishers, I am so excited about how this could go. Feels risky to hope... so I am preferring to think of it as trust.

I am hearing... the wind blowing through my backyard... The screen door is open and I can hear the leaves moving on the breeze. Love the peacefulness of it...

Around the house... We got a lot of cleaning done this weekend... still have laundry to do but am grateful that there is not a world of mess everywhere.

One of my favorite things... cooking for my family. I am eager to plan for them this week... to provide meals that are healthy and good. Even with the busyness we will be facing over the next several days, I love knowing we will have something warm and tasty to eat together each night.

A few plans for the rest of the week...lots of soccer, a bit of ballet, some writing, some speaking, some cooking... all good.

What about you? : )

Blessings on your day!

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