Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Work I Love the Best

In November and December I will be in and out of churches and events all around the United States. And while I am speaking all the rest of the months of the year, those two months will be the busiest speaking months I have ever had. I honestly cannot wait. It is an overwhelming privilege to me to meet people from all over, talk with them, offer practical ideas on parenting problems... or more importantly, journey alongside them.

For those of you who wander in here to the blog and read along every day, please know that this type of talking can come right to where you are. Before I ever wrote one word on this blog, I was working as a speaker. It is what I love to do.

And I want to do it more. Who do you know that is looking for a speaker for their event, group or conference? Will you take a minute and forward this blog to them? I have limited openings this fall and several openings in the spring. I am booking well into next year and would love to fill more dates with the work I love the best.

If you are interested, or know anyone else who is, I am listing some of my most popular topics below. There is more information on my speaking ministry and my topics at I would love to meet you soon!

Blessings on your day!

A few speaking topics to review:

-Using Sticks to Build a Structure: This is my most popular talk and the topic of the book I am bringing to publishers now. I am so excited about this topic because I truly believe that it makes a difference in the lives of families. So, if you are tired of being frustrated, if you wish you didn't have to nag, if you ever wanted your children to do tasks without being asked, if you wish you could have more structure but aren't a structure kinda gal, this topic is for you.

-Growing the Spiritual Lives of our Children: We all know that having a healthy spiritual life is important. But how do we help our children to grow spiritually? This topic offers practical advice to help you work this growth into your day-to-day life. You will understand, in a brand new way, how to connect your sweet, little ones to The One who loves them best.

-How to Raise a Reader: Wish your kids would read more? Worried about helping your children love to read? This topic gives specific advice about helping children to become enthusiastic about books! Whether you have a newborn or a 15 year old, you can effect change in this area for your child. Specific titles are suggested along with easy ideas to bring literacy into the forefront of your family life.

-Connecting to Christmas: In the midst of so much hoopla, the truth about Christmas can get lost in the clutter. What if we could focus on the real meaning behind this important holiday in a way that is fun and honest and celebratory? This talk offers plenty of practical advice to help this Christmas be one that holds deep, meaningful family memories for you and your children.

-How to Get Back Outside: Wander down a neighborhood street in the middle of summer and you may not see one child outside. With electronic gadgets vying for childhood attentions, there are fewer and fewer children who even know how to play outside. How can we help our children to regain the wonder of unstructured play? What value does this hold? This talk helps motivate parents to encourage outdoor free-play. Supported by many current statistics and studies, this is an important topic for our families today!

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