Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook--November 16

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Outside my window...it is sunny and chilly. The late autumn sun is a different color from the mid-summer sun... whiter, cooler...

I am thinking... about our health. We have been hit hard with a terrible bug and while Josiah and I are a bit under the weather, Elizabeth now has pneumonia. She is really feeling badly and I feel awful for her. I so hope the rest of the kids do not get this cold. We are all back on vitamins now (we had not begun our "flu season" vitamins before we all got sick...) and I feel deeply affirmed that these vitamins make a huge difference in how healthy we stay.

I am thankful for... my fever breaking in the night. I am thankful for vitamins, for a quiet minute to get ready for a day of caring for sick days, for bits of sleep last night, for hot coffee...

From the kitchen... We grilled Benjamin's birthday dinner last night and it was WONDERFUL... Today, we are having chicken soup for lunch and pasta for dinner.

I am wearing... black cords, grey, long-sleeved t-shirt, crocs. After being sick, I am really glad to be up and dressed! :)

I am creating... a set of Thanksgiving devotions for families, another article for MOPs, and I am going over my talks for this week. I speak three times between now and Saturday. Here's hoping my voice comes back soon! (Prayers appreciated!)

I am dreaming... about the holidays. I work very hard to create a faith and family centered time for us. It is simple, loving and good... but it takes planning. Time for me to think it through and start getting ready. Sounds like work... but it really isn't. It is what I love to do...

I am going...to help Josiah and Elizabeth get caught up on the school work they have missed since getting sick. We are also going on a "virtual field trip" to Plimoth Plantation today at noon! Can't wait! (Google Plimoth Plantation to learn more...)

I am reading... Radical... love it. Makes me think.

I am hoping... that Elizabeth gets better soon. She has been sick almost a week. Pneumonia is no good... poor girl...

I am hearing... the TV in the background, the clicking of my laptop keys. :)

Around the house... I need to get organized for the kids lessons from school, and pick up a bit. Our highest priority today will be balance... some work, some play, LOTS of rest.

One of my favorite things... watching Josiah handle a hard time... he is just so happy. Nothing shakes his faith, nothing brings him down... He is my son but he inspires me to be a better person... to be more optimistic. Yesterday, with a fever of 103, he was still smiling as he sang "O come let us adore Him..." Yes, my dear son, let's...

A few plans for the rest of the week...lots of speaking, some writing. I speak on three different topics this week so being prepared makes a world of difference! :)

What about you? : )

Blessings on your day!

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