Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sticks! Update

Some of you have been so patient.  I see you poking your heads in here, wondering if this book will ever be done.  Sometimes I wonder, too!

So, in an effort to continue to build accountability, let me give you an update!  The book is coming along nicely.   This week, chapters 1-4 are going to be edited and I am revising several others.  I am working on many details that will make this dream a reality.  I cannot wait!

In the meantime, if you are wondering what I am talking about or wondering what you can do to start Sticks! in your family, let me share some ideas.

1.  Remember dreaming about your kids, your family, and the momma you would become before your babies came along?  Those dreams were important.  Your goals and plans for your life together had nuggets of wisdom tucked within.  We forget these things when we are sleep-deprived and busy.  Take a minute to remember the goals you once had for your family.

2.  Next... What do you want your children to do every day?  What does that list look like?  Is this about chores?  Yes.  And no.  What does a good day hold?  Write that list down.  Will they read?  Play outside?  Practice an instrument?  Tend to a hobby?  Help their momma?  What do they need to do each day?  You cannot create a structure without knowing what building blocks are necessary.

Look at you!  You are already ahead of the game!  Thinking through these two things can be the first steps to making an enormous, helpful change in your family.

More information is coming.  Now, I am off to keep on writing!

Blessings on your day!

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