Sunday, March 15, 2009

Home from Hearts at Home

I got home last night from two amazing days at Hearts at Home. I had a wonderful time laughing and learning with friends and was eager to see my family again. My kids were in bed when I got in, so I kissed them goodnight on their sweet little faces, but we did not really talk and reconnect until this morning. Josiah awoke first. I felt him climbing into bed with me around 6:45 AM. He snuggled in close and I was glad to feel him in my arms.

"Momma," he began, "Momma, you smell like fresh perfume."

I kissed his cheek and pulled him in tighter.

"Momma," he continued, "I think the three bears are supposed to live in our woods but they died."

I tried not to chuckle and smoothed his hair.

"Momma, I missed you when you were at Hearts at Home. I missed you because I couldn't lay with you in the morning. And, I am glad you are home."

I am, too. I really am.

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