Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break Begins --- Saturday

My boys got off the bus on Friday with an exuberance only seen at this time of year. After weeks of waiting, it had finally come! Spring Break! So, are we off to some tropical paradise to lay in the sun and shake hands with animal characters dancing around a magical castle? Parts of me wish this was a part of our plan but with two houses and two mortgages for over two years, we are staying home. We will make the most of the ten days that are before us and be careful with every dime. But, know this... whatever this week shapes up to be, it will be good.

Saturday, a lot of the day was spent relaxing and while we did do chores, there was time for playing and snacking and being together. We knew the night would hold a fun and tiring experience that we had planned for weeks in advance. With scrimping on our part and the kids adding some allowance to the mix, we had purchased tickets to see Go Fish in concert at Trinity Christian College. Have you heard of them? If not, you have to check them out!

All four kids were amazingly excited as we headed off to Trinity for our first Spring Break experience. Because of some involvements I have long held at Trinity (my alma mater), we were offered great seats and a chance to meet the Go Fish guys at a reception before the concert. Having been at Hearts at Home with Go Fish last year, I knew it was going to be a great night.

Here we are on the way...

Our kids, and our friend Connor, with the Go Fish Guys.

Some of our kids by the stage during the concert...

One of the guys singing "Superstar"... All three of them wandered through the audience for this song. Noah got high-fives from all of them as they sang. : )

Amazing talent, important message... We love Go Fish!

We drove home from the concert listening to a Go Fish CD in the van. It was raining and chilly but we didn't care. We were singing and laughing and remembering a wonderful night. It was the end of the first day of Spring Break and we were off to a really good start.

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Anonymous said...

We have loved Go Fish for a long time! Those guys rock!! Their songs are fun and have a good message. Their lullaby song 'You are mine' I sing to my kids a lot.