Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blogs YOU Like...

Last week, I asked you to send some blogs my way. I had a fantastic time looking them over and honestly just loved every minute of that time. Below are some, not all, of the ones you sent. I do not know any of these people but really enjoy their sites. --Amazing recipes! --A friend and honest Momma... --Lots of down-home advice, ideas and recipes... LOVE IT. --Pet lover and photographer, cool site! --Dog lover and interesting stuff. --Photographer... gorgeous work. --Intriguing blog about training dogs and their connections to us. --thoughtful and thought-provoking... honest.

Read away, my friends! Feel free to send more my way. I love to see well-loved blogs. Some of the others that I read are listed in the right hand margin on my site... really love Bring the Rain... so honest. And as always, feel free to forward this blog to anyone who may enjoy what's here. New readers always make me smile. : )

Blessings on your day!

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