Friday, August 20, 2010

Coming Back Soon...

I am like you. Surrounded by laundry and children and days and months of things to do. It has been summer and I all that surrounds me has been my priority.

Some days that meant we went to the beach.

Some days we worked in the garden.

Some days we huffed and puffed and fussed at each other... frustrations getting the best of us. Maybe that doesn't happen to you... but it does, sometimes, happen to me.

But, every day we were together. Every day, we made beds and sandwiches, laughed out loud, read some books, spent time outside, dreamed and thought and wrote and connected to the ones we are blessed to call family.

And nothing is more important that that.

So, thank you for your patience... for checking in from time to time... for wondering when I would come back and for reading what few posts were written during these long summer months. I missed the regular writing. I missed the habit of reflection. I missed your comments, the camaraderie, this blog. And yet, letting it go even in the missing made it possible for me to end the summer knowing I did not miss what I value most. My sweet family... who will only be 13, 11, 7 and 6 once. Just this summer. And I couldn't look away.

School will come back next week and I will extend myself some grace as I ease back into blogging. I look forward to being back here and sharing some thoughts on things we did during these 80 or so days. And, I look forward to hearing about what you did, too.

For now, I am wallowing in a well of mixed emotions... excitement for my kids who will start another great year, sadness at seeing them hurrying headlong into the full schedule of school, guiltily giddy at the thought of time to myself, annual anxiety about how it will all go... Yep, it's hard to be articulate now. That time is coming though... it isn't today.

So, keep checking in and in no time at all, I will be back in the regular swing. I look forward to seeing you there...

Blessings on your day!

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Meghan said...

It looks like you were able to get to the conference you felt called to. Congrats! When you come back, I'd love to hear about it:)
Glad you enjoyed your summer.