Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I recently had a new opportunity presented to me that I wanted to share with you.  Keep reading, I promise I am not selling anything!  :)

Over the past several years, I have been so excited to find myself speaking in new places, to new groups.  I love this work and would speak every, single day, if I had the chance.  As my speaking ministry has grown, I have found myself writing more and I am learning to embrace this new way of empowering and encouraging parents.  

Among these writing opportunities, I have written some articles for the MOPs organization, I have guest blogged for other writers and organizations, I am working on my book(s) and I am continuing to plug away at this blog each week.  Recently, I was given the chance to write for FamilyFire.  FamilyFire is an online site that offers regular encouragement to families.  On their site, you will find articles to read on a variety of topics, devotions to empower your work with your kids and spouse and Facebook "blasts" offering thought-provoking ideas. I love what this site (and their Facebook page) offer to parents and I hope you will take a look.

To see the whole site, please click: FamilyFire. 

To see one of my articles for FamilyFire, please click:  Letting the Crazy Play Out.

To "Like" their Facebook page and keep up with what is happening at FamilyFire, please click:  FamilyFire Facebook Page.  You can peruse that site or comment on the content (which, of course, I would love!).

As always, I will continue to blog here.  Please keep stopping by!  The above links will offer you more encouragement as you seek to make the most of these busy days with your family.

Blessings on your day!  

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