Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook--April 20, 2010

If you blog, you can do this, too. C'mon, you can do it! Join in the fun!

Outside my window... its cloudy today and the dog is outside barking at the deer.

I am thinking... about my speaking engagement this weekend in Michigan... looking forward to being with them and to visiting with friends afterward.

I am thankful for... that injured children heal. After a difficult weekend on the baseball field, my two hurt boys are doing better and we are moving on.

From the kitchen... dreaming about Pioneer Woman's apple dumplings. Thinking I will be making them again soon... Oh, so good!

I am wearing... jammies, but not for long. Going to get my work out clothes and head to the gym after I drop the kids off at school.

I am creating... a power point presentation to accompany my talk for Saturday. It has needed to be done for a long while and now it will be! : ) Excited about having video snippets to support my talk.

I am going... go out with friends on Thursday and to Michigan on Friday afternoon. I am looking forward to both!

I am reading... The Marriage Project. You will hear more about it here soon.

I am hoping... have a slower day today than yesterday. Really need a more restful afternoon... this makes for a happier momma at night.

I am hearing... my children in the kitchen getting ready for their day. I will be there with them in just a minute.

Around the house... is a mess. How will I ever get caught up on laundry?? I am feeling overwhelmed.

One of my favorite things... cheering for my kids at their games. I love that they are outside, that they are running and laughing and breathing fresh air! I love that we are there together as a family, cheering one another on. : )

A few plans for the rest of the week... Keep good track of the sports schedule for the kids, be cheerful in driving from place to place, find ways to use my crock pot well to be sure we can eat healthy food this week, use my freezer more than my grocery store... and find ways to feel a bit more balanced than last week, for sure.

Blessings on your day!

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Kari said...

Hi Nadia, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog:) I wanted to give you my friend's email to purchase the shirt I'm wearing. She's fundraising for her Africa Mission trip.
Here you go- "Randi Shetley" ,

Kari said...

ooops that didn't go thru.
"Randi Shetley" randishetley01@gmail.com

Samantha said...

Oh, I have yet to actually make one of Pioneer Woman's recipes, but I've been so tempted by them. Apple Dumplings sound delicious!

Alli said...

Hi Nadia,

Thanks for coming by my blog! So cool that you have a doodle like our Brady! Any tips on training? He is a beast! :)

Holly Renee said...

Glad the kids are healing from this weekend. I bet you are quite the cheerer at their games!