Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

I am trying something new today. If you blog, you can do this, too. Go to http://thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/ for more information. When you get to the bottom, leave your info so other's can find your thoughts on the Simple Woman's Daybook, too!

Here are some of my thoughts...

Outside my window... the snow is still high, but beginning to melt.
I am thinking... about my birthday and how my age and my mind don't always match.
I am thankful for... my family, food on the table, a roof overhead.
From the kitchen... Not cooking today... It's my birthday! : )
I am wearing... Jeans, a black, long sleeve t-shirt, a cozy black sweater and my favorite red scarf
I am creating... a book. And am EAGER for accountability. Want to help?
I am going... out for dinner with my family. Sometimes, I love to eat food I did not cook.
I am reading... Fearless by Max Lucado and The Time Traveler's Wife
I am hoping... to catch a glimpse of my crocuses soon.
I am hearing... Mark working in the garage, Lexie's nails tapping on the wood floor.
Around the house... It smells like pumpkin spice muffins from yesterday...
One of my favorite things... Is sitting still... in silence... like right now.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Two complete chapters and a good intro. Must be done.

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Stephanie said...

OK! I gave it a whirl.

Happy Birthday!!

HardestyHouse said...

You have a garage??? I've never been in it....lol